The Cookers Vol. 1 – Wholenote Review


Immediately you know this group’s best heard live…

The Cookers are a back-to-basics hard bop quintet, nowadays an attractive voice in the land of quasi-intellectual trickery, avant-garde noodling and jazz’s black sheep cousin, smooth jazz. Formed last year (2010), the fivesome comprises veterans and newbies but they’re close companions on The Cookers – Volume One (TC69420 and its eight originals supplied by bandsmen. Immediately you know this group’s best heard live with its mix of bop, soul, jazz and the blues, with trumpeter Tim Hamel and saxman Ryan Oliver swinging hard, pianist Richard Whiteman reliable as ever in all modes and a lively pulse generated by tuneful bassist Alex Coleman and drummer Morgan Childs. The trumpet’s crisp, rough-toned precision matches Oliver’s full-range warm horn, the former occasionally offering full rasp Roy Eldridge, the latter bring to mind Eric Alexander. Top tracks: The Ramble, Blues to Booker and The Fork Test, but all have merit.


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